The most attentive of times, the most distracted of times

With the arrival of a new year conversations with friends often turn to the subject of personal resolutions. For the first time ever the most common resolution I heard people make did not involve diets or exercise. That includes mine.

People are taking charge of their information curation. For those of us who are determined to enjoy a healthier relationship with our social media and less indulgence of clickbait, here are a few articles that offer insights and suggestions.

Hope Reese and Catherine Price
Break Up with Your Smartphone
Vox, 2018

Sean Illing and Tim Wu
There's a War for Your Attention
Vox, 2018

Brian Gallagher and James Williams
Modern Media is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will
Nautilus, 2017

Andrew Sullivan
My Distraction Sickness and Yours
New York Magazine, 2016