The most attentive of times, the most distracted of times

Last month my conversations with friends of all ages turned to the topic of personal resolutions for 2018. For the first time in memory the most common answer, by far, did not involve diets or exercise, but use of social media. That included mine.

For those looking to develop a healthier relationship with all the clickbait being dangled in front of us, here are a few discussions that offer insights and suggestions. Refreshingly, none scapegoats the young. 'What a lot of us don’t admit as parents,' says Catherine Price, 'is that we are also addicted to our phones, and we are modeling behavior.' And how.

Hope Reese and Catherine Price
Break Up with Your Smartphone
Vox, 2018

Sean Illing and Tim Wu
There's a War for Your Attention
Vox, 2018

Brian Gallagher and James Williams
Modern Media is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will
Nautilus, 2017

Andrew Sullivan
My Distraction Sickness and Yours
New York Magazine, 2016