George Walker

Removing hat for George Theophilus Walker (1922-2018), American composer.

Hear his gorgeous 'Lyric for Strings' (1946) and 'Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra' (1996) via this feature story at NPR.



The most attentive of times, the most distracted of times

With the arrival of a new year conversations with friends often turn to the subject of personal resolutions. For the first time ever the most common resolution I heard people make did not involve diets or exercise. That includes mine.

People are taking charge of their information curation. For those of us who are determined to enjoy a healthier relationship with our social media and less indulgence of clickbait, here are a few articles that offer insights and suggestions.

Hope Reese and Catherine Price
Break Up with Your Smartphone
Vox, 2018

Sean Illing and Tim Wu
There's a War for Your Attention
Vox, 2018

Brian Gallagher and James Williams
Modern Media is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will
Nautilus, 2017

Andrew Sullivan
My Distraction Sickness and Yours
New York Magazine, 2016



Wait a Minute

You know, you've been so good to me!
You make me wanna kick my heels up and...