Florida State Seminoles: Leading Lady

We Florida State alums have been talking quite a bit lately about logos and attendant art work. This seems a good time to offer a suggestion for adding a new touch of elegance to a lady I have always admired: the icon of women's athletics.

Florida State had a distinguished history as a women's school through the first half of the twentieth century, and the first national titles the co-ed university earned were in women's sport. The logo adopted for use by women's athletics has been popular since its inception. Here's the design by the original artist that was adopted by the university:

Circles and ovals interact in a stylish way that leads the eye around the image and back to the face. In the hair strands the circles spin out into Art Nouveau curls. What's not to like?

Well, for me, just that single word State. As an identifier it's hardly distinctive. There are many states. Fortunately, the school has long since abandoned that approach, preferring to identify itself on the international stage with more informative constructions like Florida State and FSU.

The school's recent development of a uniform pattern based on traditional Seminole patchwork offers a chance to retire that lackluster detail. Going with the so-called 'heritage pattern' in the headband gives the lady a more realistic and elegant look. Happily, the central symbol in the patchwork pattern implies both an F and an S.

Here's the lady again, with my recommended update:

Just a suggestion, for the good of the order. Go, Seminoles.


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