Unreal Estate

It came to may attention recently that a site called Blockshopper (visit links at your own risk), which claims to offer 'real intelligence on local real estate', published my photo and biographical information in an article that states a falsehood.

The text in full:

Classical musician and photographer acquires Ridgewood Park 3BD

by Betty Verdun, published Sept. 24, 2010
Alton Thompson and Linda Thompson bought a three-bedroom, three-bath home at 2408 N. Riverside Drive in Ridgewood Park from Michelle Stencel and Jonathan Lowe for $625,000 on Aug. 27.

The 2,506-square-foot house was built in 1975 in Ridgewood Park. It is located in the Ridgewood Park subdivision.

Mr. Thompson is a professional classical musician and photographer who is now based in Taiwan. He serves as conductor for ensembles in Europe, Asia and the Americas, as art photographer with Alton's Images and also serves as a faculty member at various education institutes.

He has worked with the Hsinchu Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Taiwan Normal University Symphony Orchestra, the Taipei Symphonic Winds, the Dafeng Performing Arts Symphony orchestra, the Soochow University Youth Orchestra, the Taipei Men's Chorus and the combined choirs of National Taiwan Normal University.

He holds a D.M.A. in orchestral conducting from The Johns Hopkins University's Peabody Institute in Baltimore, received his M.M. in music performance from The University of Memphis' Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music and earned his B.M.E. in music from The Florida State University's College of Music.

According to BlockShopper.com, there have been 13 home sales in Ridgewood Park during the past 12 months, with a median sales price of $43,600.
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Address: 2408 N. Riverside Drive

Buyer(s): Alton Thompson and Linda Thompson
Seller(s): Michelle Stencel and Jonathan Lowe
Sale date: Aug. 27, 2010

The reality: I bought no property. I don't know a Linda Thompson or any other individuals named in the article. I know nothing of the private enterprises named: Blockshopper, The Florida Authority, and Cornerstone Properties and Investments LLC.

The creators of this site have no permission to use a copyrighted image of my likeness nor my name and identity in the promotion of any product or service. No one contacted me for confirmation of this report. Contact information was readily available at the same web site from which my photo and biographical information were stolen lifted.
To the creators of this article: remove my name, identity and likeness from all materials connected with your business at once.

Personal recommendation to anyone considering a business relationship with BlockShopper, The Florida Authority or Cornerstone Properties: