Muti Era begins in Chicago

Riccardo Muti took the helm of the Chicago Symphony this week as its latest music director. Choice quotes:

Symphony orchestras are the windows of a part of our great Western culture. The big orchestras such as Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago cannot close their doors, because if that happens it will be not only a scandal but also a disaster for society.
In a world full of violence, anger and crime, music can educate people's souls; certainly it can make society better.
What is vision? I do not see myself as St Francis, offering Chicago my beatific visions. Rather, in my first season, I see myself giving, together with this great orchestra, a panoramic view of the history of music. As we go along, we will try to find new ways to bring more people together, through music.

Read the complete report by the Chicago Tribune's John Von Rein.


Conductor's Notebook

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