Healing Journey

By all accounts the Dalai Lama's visit to Taiwan has been a healing experience for those who were hardest hit by the recent typhoon. The Tibetan leader led prayer services and encouraged those in grief to seek peace. He encouraged care of the planet by all the world's peoples and the continuing nurture of democracy in Taiwan.

Highlights of the Tibetan leader's visit are described in these stories.

Wall Street Journal: Dalai Lama holds services for victims, 2009.08.31
Taiwan News: Dalai Lama urges Taiwan to preserve its democracy, 2009.09.01
Video: The Dalai Lama's speech in Taiwan
(in English, Chinese translation), 2009.09.01

Taipei Times: Dalai Lama moves thousands at ceremony, 2009.09.02
Taiwan Headlines: Dalai Lama contributes US$50,000 in aid, 2009.09.02


Conductor's Notebook

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