Typhoon Relief

Many people are asking how they may provide volunteer help and donations for the devastated areas of southern Taiwan. This post is for you. The information here is updated regularly as more details reach me.

Resources appear under two headings: Immediate Assistance (contribution of goods and volunteer time) and Financial Assistance.

Immediate Assistance

The Kaohsiung City Government has created a regional emergency response hub to accept and distribute aid to typhoon victims across southern Taiwan. Relief workers are calling for the following items:

cooking oil (食用油)
bottles water (水)
rice (米)
instant noodles (泡麵 / 方便麵)
milk powder (奶粉)
waterproof canvas (防水帆布)
mosquito nets (蚊帳)
clothes (新或二手衣物)
blankets (毯子)
buckets (水桶)
cookware (廚具)
flash lights (手電筒)
radios (收音機)
cleaning supplies (清潔用品)
- brooms to detergents (掃帚到洗滌劑都可以)
batteries (電池)
gloves (手套)
garbage bags (垃圾袋)
sanitation masks (健全衛生口罩)

Deliver or ship items to:

Kaohsiung City Hall
Attention: Typhoon Relief
No. 2 Sihwei 3rd Road
Lingya District
Kaohsiung City 80203, TAIWAN
80203 高雄市苓雅區四維三路2號


International - 886.7337.3375
Taiwan - 07337.3357

The Kaohsiung relief centre takes donations each day until at least 21:00 (9:00 pm).

Additional collection points have been set up in the locations listed below. All locations plan to accept donations through the remainder of August or longer.


Deliver or ship:
World Vision c/o The Brass Monkey
166 Fuxing North Road
銅猴子 台北市復興北路166號
Telephone: 02.2547.5050
E-mail: max@brassmonkeytaipei.com

Deliver or ship:
Shih Lin Catholic Church
No. 264 Zhongzheng Road
Shilin District
Telephone: 02.2832.4270

Deliver or ship:
No. 74-1 Jinsi Street
Datong District
(Near MRT Shuanglian Station)
Telephone: 02.2557.0658


Púzĭ (Putzi) City Administration
No. 34, Guangfu Road
Putzi City, Jiayi County
嘉義縣朴子市光復路34號 朴子市公所
Telephone: 05.379.5102 /34


Deliver to:
Zhongzheng Hall
No. 36 Minzhi (Minjhih) Road
Xinying (Sinying) City, Tainan County

Ship to:
Social Affairs Department
No. 36, Fuxi (Fusi) Road
Xinying (Sinying) City
(新營市府西路36號) 社會處收
Telephone: 09.8053.7516 / 06.511.5692

Deliver or ship to:
World Vision Tainan
8F, No. 243,
Section 1 Minquan (Mincyuan) Road
(台南市民權路一段243號8樓 黃雅詩)
Telephone: 06.2215.8004


Deliver daily until 17:30 to:
Dapeng Bay Tourist Information Center
No. 69, Dalian Road
Pingtung City near Millennium Park
(Qiānxī Gōngyuán 千禧公園旁) 屏東市大連路69號)
Telephone: 08.736.5600 / 08.736.5012

Deliver or ship to:
World Vision Pingtung City
Attention: Mr Huang
No. 124, Xingfeng (Hsingfeng) Road
Pingtung City
(屏東市興豐路124號 黃伯翰)
Telephone: 08.737.0483


Deliver or ship to:
No. 60, Jieshou Road
Chaojhou Township, Pingtung County
Telephone: 08.7806.7165

The Morakot Internet Disaster Centre (莫 拉克災情網路中心) is hosted by the Association of Digital Culture Taiwan (台灣數位文化協會). The site, in Chinese, has information for those wishing to donate goods or cash. The Association publishes news updates at Plurk through the user name @taiwanfloods.

A detailed Breakdown of Needs, in Chinese, is maintained by concerned Taiwanese citizens. The table provides precise contact information and the specific nature of aid being requested in each area.

The Democratic Progressive Party hosts a that provides contact information for support centres in Chinese and donation information in both Chinese and English.

World Vision Taiwan, a Christian charity organisation, seeks 'relief resources, rescue cars and volunteers.' Details are available at the web site.

The Dharma Drum Mountain Zen Buddhist monastery seeks volunteers to help clean flooded homes.
Telephone: 02.2895.8300

Dharma Drum Mountain's call for volunteers.

Financial Assistance

Tzu Chi Foundation , Taiwan's largest charity, is collecting donations for Relief for Victims of Typhoon Morakot. The organisation is building up to 1,000 'green' homes for families who have lost their homes. Donations may be made at the site through Google or PayPal.

The Democratic Progressive Party has set up a special fund set up for disaster victims. The English-language blog features a widget for the DPP Typhoon Morakot Disaster Relief Fund at the upper right.

United Way Taiwan allows online contributions allocated specifically to typhoon victims.

World Vision Taiwan has a special donation page for Typhoon Morakot help. Phone and e-mail contacts are provided.

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan requests checks payable to The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. Specify 'Attention: typhoon relief.' Contributions may also be made by direct deposit and wire transfer.

Taiwanese American Association-USA Donation Drive requests donations to TAA-USA, Attention: Typhoon Morakot Donation Drive. Send contributions to:
Mrs Ling Ling Huang, Treasurer
199 Bluejay Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43235
Telephone: 1.614.888.6501
Taiwan Center in LA requests donations through an online donation form. Financial contributions to the Taiwan Center are tax-deductible. (Tax ID: 95-4679702)

Thanks to Ho-Chie Tsai, Cecilia Ciou, Vivian Tsai, David Reid, Dragonbones, and Melody Hsiao. Also to their colleagues at Taiwan Ho!, Facebook, and the Taiwanese-American Association.


Conductor's Notebook


Anne Marie said...

Thank you very much for this information! I belong to an online group of parents who have adopted children from Taiwan and are anxious to contribute. I have shared your link with our group, so I hope you will not mind getting a bunch of hits to your blog from us :)

Daniel said...

Are there opportunities for americans to volunteer? If we fly ourselves over, that is. I can't find anything online. Thanks.

Alton Thompson 唐博敦 said...

Anne Marie:

I'm glad this is helpful. Thanks for your willingness to assist. Please share this information wherever you feel it may do some good.


Opportunities certainly exist for Americans to help. Please check the links provided above. The web sites give more detail, mentioning specific needs and providing more contact information.

Dharma Drum Mountain has called for volunteers to help restore homes damaged in the typhoon. World Vision Taiwan has called for volunteers to help distribute needed items. Shelter Box can likely use volunteers.

A call to Kaohsiung City Hall (international number shown above) is a good idea. The city hall functions as a regional hub for the coordination of relief activities. When someone answers, request an English speaker (if you don't feel especially confident about your ability to proceed in Mandarin or Taiwanese). Tell the next person who gets on the line that you can be available to help and ask what kind of help they can use.

We appreciate your willingness to help. Wind at your back.