The Wire

Do you think it's the best show on television? If so, would that be the best show now, or ever?

These are the kinds of questions being asked about The Wire, a crime drama series set in Baltimore and directed by David Simon. The series concludes its final season this year. Viewers find a variety of pleasures in the show but all agree that its appeal demonstrates the wisdom of acquiring the best writers you can get. Reviewers compare the experience to reading a good novel, so far does the series overwhelm the normal expectations one has of its medium.

Here's a roundup of sites and essays that explore the impact of The Wire.

The Wire

Official site of the series.

Guardian UK

The Wire is unmissable television
John Wilde offers ten reasons why.

The Wire's verbal originality is its art
Jonathan Jones examines the way the show's language creates its world.

Is this the best TV series ever made?
Professional crime writers consider the show's appeal.

Is Battlestar Galactica better than The Wire?
Richard Vine looks at another show reaching its last season.

The Atlantic

The angriest man in television
How David Simon's frustration with The Baltimore Sun fuelled his creativity.


Why The Wire is the best show on television


TV Club: The Wire Final Season
2008.01.07 ongoing

The Telegraph (UK)

Why I'll miss The Wire
Shane Richmond explains why it's the best show on television.


BBC Two to show The Wire

The Nerve

Wire Fire: TV's bleakest drama is also its hottest
Sarah Hepola says the show is sexy.


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