Joyeux anniversaire, Juliette!

Congratulations to actress Juliette Binoche, born on this date in Paris in 1964.

The moment finds Binoche exploring new creative directions as a dancer and painter. She is presently in the Asia-Pacific region where she is appearing as a dancer in the stage work In-I with British choregrapher Akram Khan. She recently appeared in Sydney to launch her new book, Juliette Binoche, Portraits In-Eyes. The large-format volume features portraits she has painted of directors she has worked with and characters she has played.

In 2007 she appeared in Le Voyage du ballon rouge, a film by Taiwanese director Hsiao-hsien Hou. Here is an outline look at her roles from that moment to the present (source: Internet Move Database).


Temps de venir, Les (in progress) .... Adrienne
... aka Times to Come (International: English title)

Une autre forme de silence (in progress) .... Anna
... aka Another Kind of Silence (International: English title)


Copie conforme (in progress)
... aka Certified Copy (USA: literal English title)
... aka Copie conforme (France)
... aka The Certified Copy (International: English title)



Heure d'été, L' .... Adrienne
... aka Summer Hours (International: English title) (USA: festival title)

Paris .... Élise


Dan in Real Life.... Marie

Disengagement .... Ana
... aka Désengagement (France)
... aka Disimpegno (Italy)
... aka Trennung (Germany)

Voyage du ballon rouge, Le .... Suzanne
... aka Flight of the Red Balloon (International: English title)

Recent press reports:

SBS Broadcast: 'Binoche in Sydney', 2009.03.04

Japan Times: In-I on Tour, 2009.03.06

Guardian UK Film Blog: The Binoche Portraits, 2009.03.04

MSNBC: 'Juliette Binoche launches Portraits In-Eyes'

Readers looking for Binoche films on DVD will find my Amazon list a good place to start. Clearly we can look forward to more creative surprises and artistic joys from Frances national treasure.


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