Cloud Gate 2's 'Oculus'

Cloud Gate 2 will present Oculus at LIberty Square. The dance performance takes place tomorrow evening (Saturday) at 19:30. Admission is free to the public.

Details are reported by Diane Baker of the Taipei Times:

It is almost impossible to watch Oculus and not think of what might have been, for its creator died of leukemia just as he was making a name for himself as a choreographer. He had been diagnosed with the disease in 2004, only months after becoming artistic director of Germany’s Staatstheater Kassel Dance Company.

Cloud Gate founder and artistic director Lin Hwai-min (林懷民) established CG2 in 1999 to foster young choreographers and dancers and provide education and outreach programs for schools and communities throughout the country. Under the leadership of the troupe’s late director, Lo Man-fei (羅曼菲), Wu was one of those young choreographers tapped to create works for CG2.

[ . . . . ]

Oculus explores the very human desire for love and acceptance. Wu’s unique choreographic language is a mixed bag of tics, flat-footed shuffles and scurrying, hunched shoulders, clasped hands and awkward leaps — it is not the graceful, airy movements so often thought of as dance. Wu’s movements, like Lin’s, are more firmly rooted in the earth and draw energy from it, even as he appeals to the heavens. He set a frenetic pace for the dancers, interspersed with moments of stark stillness. The 12 sections are divided into carefully structured solos, duets and ensemble work.

Screens will be set up to ensure a view for the entire audience. Still, early arrival is recommended. Cloud Gate performances routinely sell out and free performances can draw crowds of over 10,000.

Parental advisory: the performance features 'bare breasts.' (But that's nothing your kids haven't seen before, is it?)


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