First Outing

Today the Hsinchu Philharmonic Orchestra and I performed our first gig together. The event was the Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival, an annual event hosted by Hsinchu City at its famous Glass Arts Museum.

Our concert, which took place outdoors, featured light classics and some environmental Sturm und Drang courtesy of the planet Earth. Hsinchu is not called Taiwan's 'Windy City' for nothing, and when you throw in a tropical spring thunderstorm you're in for a mighty afternoon of clipping music to stands. But the players are used to this, and even the youngest musicians handled the challenges with aplomb. The crowd was welcoming, too, even if the elements weren't so much.

All in all, a delightful afternoon. Our first indoor subscription concert takes place on June 15 Sunday.



:: jozjozjoz :: said...


I discovered your blog quite by accident and am enjoying your stories and commentary about Taiwan.

If I lived in Hsinchu, I would most certainly be a regular attendee of your concerts!

Alton said...

Thank you for the visit, and for your encouraging comment as well. Let me know any time you're in the neighborhood.