Ariel Moscovici & Sylvie Rivillon

I was delighted to receive a friendly message this week from Ariel Moscovici, the Romanian-born French sculptor. He had spotted a photo I took of one of his works and wanted to say hi.

Everyone in Taiwan knows Between Earth and Sky, the circle of stones by Moscovici that graces Taipei 101's north plaza.

Taiwan is home to several sculptures by Moscovici, including works in Taipei, Hualien and Taichung.

Our island also claims two monumental works by his wife, Sylvie Rivillon, sculptor of Elevation in Kaohsiung and Construction Around a Wave in Hualien.

You can find fascinating tours of their work at two new web sites:


Appréciez votre visite!


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Sasha Meret said...

I am happy to see Ariel and Sylvie are getting their deserved appreciation!

Sasha Meret