Hsinchu Philharmonic

The Hsinchu Philharmonic Orchestra has invited me to conduct as a guest for their next two concerts. I'm excited about this because I worked with the group this past weekend. We played Mozart's Flute Concerto in G Major (K.313) and Beethoven's Sixth Symphony in F Major ('Pastorale'). The violinists and cellists are a young group but they navigate demanding passages with a real bloom on the sound. I'm delighted by the appointment and look forward to our collaboration.

Here are our concerts coming up. Each is sponsored in part by the municipal government of Hsinchu City. I hope you can make plans to join us!

2008 March 30 Sunday
15:30-17:00 (3:30-5:30 pm)

Outdoor Concert 戶外音樂會 'Mermaid in a Crystal Fairyland'
Hsinchu Park 地點:新竹玻璃工藝博物館前

This concert is part of the 2008 Hsinchu City International Glass Art Festival.
Admission is free to the public.

2008 June 15 Sunday
14:30 - 16:00 (2:30-4:00 pm)
Hsinchu Concert Hall

Repertory to be determined.
Tickets will be available at the box office.


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