Liberty Square

The sky opens over the main gate of Taiwan's newly christened Liberty Square (自由廣場) yesterday, on the eve of International Human Rights Day.

Viewers familiar with the appearance of this landmark will notice that the new characters display a different calligraphy style than those they replace. Though still traditional, the style of the present characters is more open and looks more obviously like brushwork. In a departure from ancient Chinese tradition, but in keeping with current practice in Taiwan, the title is read left to right.

The commemorative hall opposite the square is due to acquire a plaque this morning proclaiming its rededication as Democracy Hall. After that the barricades will be removed and crowds admitted.

The opening of the square and the hall today coincide with the dedication of Jingmei Human Rights Park on the site of a former military detention center.

Happy Human Rights Day.


Photos by Alton Thompson
Taipei, Taiwan 2007
December 9
All rights reserved.


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