Binoche on Acting

Juliette Binoche discusses the art of acting this week with Neil Smith of the BBC. Some of her observations:

You have to play the action that is behind the words. It's not the acting, it's the being.

. . .

You should never lose track of the purpose of it, which is to make a bridge to the world. The experience of watching a film you've made with an audience is so strong, it virtually makes sense of why you're doing it.

. . .

On the set you have to be renewed, for each scene and each take. It takes courage to go into the scene and that is between you and yourself.

Even though you're being directed by someone you know and love, the loneliness you need to have as an actor is still there. You have to have that moment of stillness and silence inside you; otherwise the truth of it doesn't come out.

The context is A Few Days in September, a film directed by Argentinian Santiago Amigorena, now open in the UK.


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