Taipei Venues Turn Twenty

The National Theater and National Taiwan Concert Hall enter their twentieth seasons this year. The milestone, according to the Taipei Times, will be observed with 'a series of performances by local and international acts' and 'a 20-year retrospective.'

The Classic 20 series brings to the stage international heavyweights including Robert Wilson, Philip Glass and Tadashi Suzuki and musical performances by Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and The German Opera of the Rhine. Performances by local groups will include Cloud Gate Dance Theater (雲門舞), Yang Li-hua Taiwanese Opera group (楊麗花歌仔戲), Performance Workshop Theater (表演工作坊) and New-Classic Dance Company (新古典舞團).

The retrospective is called Vitality Capsule of Art and will look at the dance, music, theater and opera performed at the NTCH over the past 20 years, with a view to the future.

Detailed schedule information will appear at the center's official site.


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