Wanli Seacoast

This weekend I went with friends to Taiwan's northern coast, to the village of Wanli on Cape Yehliou near Keelung. The town boasts a beautiful seacoast with docks, temple, and beach. It's also a fascinating spot for those who enjoy geography. Wanli's rocky beach in Wanli was once ocean floor that broke the surface a few million years ago. It looks the part. Taiwan today continues its 200 million-year rise from the ocean.

The top picture shows the Queen's Head. The Queen is a popular lady at Wanli. Recent studies show that this formation is eroding quickly, along with similar hoodoo stones at Cape Yehliu. The Queen's 'neck' has thinned severely in just the last two decades. Published research describes the origin of the formations and discusses options for slowing the rate of erosion.