World View

These are images from my visit with Taiwan friends to the Window of the World theme park in Shenzhen in China's Guangdong Province. (See 2006.7.18 post.)

The park is built around replicas of the world's major landmarks (its currently reigning tallest building, of course, not included).

At the time the park was celebrating an International Beer Festival. But an International Beer Festival in China seems to be international the way a World Series in the United States is worldwide. Nearly all the brews in evidence came from China.

All in all, it was a fine day for anyone carrying a camera.


Monument in Miniature

A concert tour recently took the musicians of the Tao Yuan Symphonic Winds and me to Shenzhen (China PRC), as mentioned in an earlier post (2006.7.18). While there we visited Splendid China, the city's theme park that serves for all practical purposes as a 3D travel brochure.

The park is built around miniature replicas of tourist spots from around China. My Taiwanese friends and I were delighted to find this replica of the Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum in Nanjing. Dr Sun is regarded as a hero in Taiwan for his democratic ideals.

It was impossible for us to miss the influence of the Mausoleum's architecture on the design of the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial in Taipei. Chiang, of course, wished to be viewed as Dr Sun's successor. He aspired to be a kind of Lincoln to Sun's Washington, one who sustained the vision of the country's founder through a divisive civil war.



Splendid Park

Here are images from my visit with Taiwan friends to the Splendid China theme park in Shenzhen in China's Guangdong Province (see post 2006.07.18).



Taiwan Musicians in China

The Tao Yuan Symphonic Winds have returned from our concert visit to Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, China (PRC). This was an interesting way to see China for the first time--in the company of Taiwanese colleagues, most of whom were making their own first visits to China.

Our concert took place in the main Civic Center auditorium in Shenzhen. This cavernous place with a huge curvaceous roof makes for impressive architecture indeed. The auditorium was designed for spoken presentations, though, so for musical purposes the acoustics were dry.

Here are some audio files from the concert (MP3 format).

Jerome Naulais (b 1933)
featuring the Taoyuan Saxophone Quartet

American Traditional
Lord of the Dance (Simple Gifts)

Atsuhiro Isozaki
Japanese Graffiti IV

Those familiar with the soundtrack of the early George Lucas film American Graffiti will understand Isozaki's medley right away. Japanese Graffiti IV is one of a series of medleys by that title that celebrate popular songs that originated in Japan and played on east Asian radio stations in the late 50s and early 60s.

The trip permitted us visits to two of Shenzhen's theme parks, Splendid China and Window of the World, in Nanshan District. Photos to come.



Psalm 133 Revisited

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