Chao Ching-Wen's Fanfare

Summer is upon us, and with it its banquet of outdoor concerts and patriotic festivals. If you're in the business of designing the programs, you will be interested in a new piece: Fanfare Under the Stars by Ching-Wen Chao of Taiwan. The fanfare makes an effective opener in the tradition of Copland or Arnaud while representing a fresh new voice.

Fanfare Under the Stars is scored for brass and percussion and lasts 2-3 minutes (43 bars, con brio). The highest note for trumpets is B above the staff in momentary excursions. Instrumentation:

4 horns
4 trumpets
3 trombones
1 tuba
large tom-tom
snare drum
bass dum
cymbals (large crash/suspended)
The Taipei Symphony Winds and I opened our May 2006 concert with the piece. The piece was premiered by Taiwan's National Symphony Orchestra in 2003 and opened a concert in April 2005 given by Apo Hsu and the NTNU Symphony.

Professor Chao serves on the National Taiwan Normal University composition faculty and earned her DMA in composition at Stanford. She has written works in all genres, including chamber music that combines traditional Asian instruments with their classical European counterparts.

An audio recording of the piece (MP3 format) may be heard at my web site.

For more information you may contact Dr Chao directly:

Ching-Wen Chao, DMA
Assistant Professor of Composition
National Taiwan Normal University
162 Heping East Road
Da'an District
Taipei 106, Taiwan
E-mail: chingwen AT cc DOT ntnu DOT edu DOT tw

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