Debut Done

Last night the Taipei Symphony Winds and I gave our concert. The special guest soloist was Yang Chiaohui of the Taipei Symphony Orchestra. This marked my debut in National Hall.

national concert hall

Ms Yang performed a wind ensemble version of the Concerto for Clarinet no 1 in F minor by Carl Maria von Weber. She is a real poet of the clarinet, a bel canto player. The collaboration was thrilling indeed and I look forward to hearing more of her playing.

We drew a big crowd, too. I'm always impressed to see how many people will come out to a concert in Taiwan on a rainy night and, in this case, a week night at that. It was an audience I fel tembraced by--enthusiastic, uplifting, great energy. I surprising number of my students came. We didn't have a lot of complimentary tickets to give away for this one, so the students had to purchase their own. I wasn't expecting the contingent that appeared, including some of my students from Tainan. One of them came to the stage during the curtain calls to give me flowers.

Right now my head is full of many impressions--things I'm pleased with, things I want to do differently next time, things I've learned about getting results with a new ensemble in a different culture. But right now, as we say in America, it's Miller time.

As audio files become available I will share them on this page at my main web site.