Progress Report

The succesful premiere of S K Tseng's Psalm Lu-O at National Concert Hall is now a fait accompli. Congratulations to Apo Hsu for pulling together a very demanding premiere.

The NTNU ShiDa Senior Women's Chorus is preparing for its spring concert. Incoming ShiDa students are being auditioned and outgoing students will soon be performing recitals and juries. My English-language students are in the midst of midterms. Meanwhile, their teacher faces the ongoing task of learning Mandarin.

Oy veh. (<--not Mandarin)

Through it all I'm hearing some truly remarkable music. Helmuth Rilling came to town to conduct a powerful performance of the Brahms German Requiem. Last night I attended the most enchanting Baroque recital I can recall. I've heard some compelling new compositions performed by ensembles large and small.

And I got something to savor from the old New World: the Baltimore Orioles sweep of the Yankees. Yes!


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