ShiDa Duties

This week I begin working with the Senior Women's Choir at ShiDa (Taiwan Normal University). We have two big events coming up: next month's world premiere of Psalm Lu-O, a choral-orchestral work by S. K. Tzeng, and our own spring concert a few weeks after that. Professor Tzeng's piece will be performed by the combined choirs of the university joined with the University Symphony conducted by Apo Hsu.

ShiDa, Taiwan's leading music school, claims a number of talented and well-trained students. The Senior Women's Choir routinely performs repertoire in at least eight languages: Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Latin, English, French, German, and Italian. All the singers have engaged in serious music studies from an an early age.

For the choir this is always a demanding time of year. Many of the women are coming back from auditions in Europe and America. All are planning to give recitals in June. Awaiting us between those events is our premiere and our spring concert. It promises to be an adventure. I'm looking forward to it.

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