Naxos Web Radio

Tired of tuning your radio to a shrinking handful of 'classical' stations that play waltzes all day just to stay afloat? Don't despair. Digital broadcasting is here with more options and more variety. Check out this new arrival:

Naxos Web Radio

Naxos doesn't give you just one station of catchall 'classical.' Naxos lets you choose from among a variety of styles and genres. This is the perfect recod company to do it, too. Naxos has one of the more diverse and exciting catalogs out there.

The range of choices in digital broadcasting will only grow. As slimmer formats come into vogue you'll be able to get digital broadcasts to your cell phone, iPod, PDA, and phone-hookup PC. Soon you will find it even more feasible to start your own station. Starting a new digital music station will be as approachable a task as starting a blog is now.

I look forward to discovering many new musical gems courtesy of Naxos Web Radio. We live in exciting times. Stay tuned.

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